Find Your Spark with Anita's Quilt

Join us over lunch and discover Anita's Quilt, a collection of stories written by women in tech that will inspire and empower you.  You will have an opportunity to examine the skills that some of the story-writers have, how they gained new skills, and how they moved their careers forward.  You will have a chance to examine your own skills and find your spark while getting to know your fellow conference attendees.  You will leave with a new resource, more confidence, and hopefully some new friends!
Gail Carmichael has long been a strong advocate for women in computing.  She is on the advisory board for the Anita Borg Institute, which is how she got involved with Anita's Quilt.  She co-founded Carleton University's Women in Science and Engineering (CU-WISE) and continues to advise the group today.  She leads the Ottawa chapter of Girl Develop It! and gets involved in many outreach initiatives to encourage girls and young women to consider computer science.  She is currently a faculty instructor at Carleton's School of Computer Science and is working on her PhD part time.  She blogs at The Female Perspective of Computer Science.